New Year: enjoy holidays!

Nov 27 '16 | By Lev

New Year is the most jolly and well-liked holiday around the world. In different countries people celebrate this holiday in their own ways. But in spite of cultural differences, all of them want to find new love, meet friends, have a lot of fun on New Year’s Eve and acquire happiness for the whole year.

Great ways to spend New Year

You might celebrate the night with your relatives, close friends, thousands of strangers, or your beloved one. It may turn out that you are to celebrate New Year alone at your home. Either way, celebration should bring you memories to last a lifetime.


Open-air celebrations and street parties are good for celebrating New Year with thousands of strangers. Here you can easily meet new friends or even find love. These parties often include performances by live musicians that are followed by fireworks. You may do internet search to find such New Year’s events. Some of open-air parties require tickets to be purchased beforehand and some are free to attend. Whatever it was you will have there a lot of fun

If you want to have 

New Year’s dinner party with family or friends and don’t want to go out, you may host your own party. Invite people to your place and have a nice chat. Hosting masquerade party is also a great idea. Ask guests to wear masquerade masks for such evening of mystery and magic.


Do you want to spend romantic evening with your beloved one? Great city restaurant is to be chosen for unforgettable New Year celebration. Such romantic evening with your sweetie is likely to conclude with colorful fireworks and a midnight kiss.

 Staying alone at home on New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean to be bored. You have a great chance to relax and watch a movie. There are a lot of New Year’s themed movies to choose from. Another great idea is to get on Skype to your friends or relatives who are at home. If you don’t want either of these things you may sit down and write a letter to your future self, describing what you hope future will bring. You may plan your New Year’s resolutions as well.

Decoration ideas

Brilliant, original, and bright decor is right for New Year’s party. The next ideas will turn traditional dinner into really festive event, which will amaze your guests.

 The easiest way to decorate your New Year party is to make everything glitter. Glittering decorations such as golden balloons, star garlands, and paper hanging nick-nacks will give decor some New Year’s spirit. Fascinating sets of plates and glasses with holiday patterns may be used as well. Combine charming shades with different forms while making sparkling paper hanging decors.

 Glittering candles will beautify your room and create perfect party atmosphere. If you want to make these sparkling items on your own then coat ordinary candles with spray adhesive. Sprinkle glitter over candles and let them dry overnight. Glittering candles will light up your room even without a flame.

 Use helium balloons to make your party look different and fun. Each balloon could have a tag with guest’s name. Your guests, especially kids, will adore these floating decorations.

 You may decorate your door with New Year wreath. It will spread good wishes and positive vibe to your guests and everyone who will pass by your house. It’s pretty easy to make this festive Christmas wreath. Wrap garland around wire wreath until it is completely covered. Beautify wreath with tiny sparkling balls, bows, and stripes. You may write “Merry Christmas” on bright paper and glue it to the inside part of the wreath.

 Enjoy New Year celebration!

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