The best beaches near Barcelona

Jul 20 | By Lev
The best beaches near Barcelona
Do you want to know more about the best beaches near Barcelona? Listed below are the towns that are worth looking at if you plan to spend your autumn vacation on the beach. There you can find beautiful and sexy girls or even girlfriend...

 Costa del Maresme is a Spanish stretch of the Mediterranean coast that is not as well-promoted as Costa del Sol or Costa Dorada. There are no grandiose attractions, plenty of bars or noisy discos here, in the vicinity of Barcelona (only half an hour drive). But there are clean beaches, baroque churches, Roman aqueducts and pine groves. And the prices at local resorts are the lowest in the country.

 Beaches of Calella
 Calella is a calm, pretty town located near Barcelona. This is the best option for those who prefer provincial beach serenity to the bustle of big cities. The main attraction of Calella is a long coastline with coarse golden sand. Every day very sexy animators 
girls  of the surrounding beaches entertain tourists free of charge: they show films, play with children, and conduct aerobics or yoga classes. You can have a rest with children – playgrounds are everywhere, and there is a big shady park. If you want to see world-famous sights, regular suburban trains to Barcelona are at your disposal.

 Beaches of Santa Susanna

 Santa Susanna is a small town of medieval towers, numerous chapels, and green parks. The coastline of the resort takes almost three kilometers. Narrow golden beaches of exceptional purity stretch along it. They are full of sexy girls and other people all year round: bars, restaurants, football and volleyball courts, water sports centers, and mini clubs for children can be found there. The embankment area is suitable for leisurely evening walks and stretches to the neighboring town of Malgrat de Mar. If you want to spend active holidays, hold a course on the Montnegre-Corredor Nature Park, where you can ride a horse, a donkey or a bicycle. On the north side of Santa Susanna, the hills are thickly covered with pine forests. Medicinal mineral springs are located there.

 Beaches of Mataro
 Mataro, the capital of the resort region of Costa del Maresme in the vicinity of Barca, is 2000 years old. The town is beautiful and compact: on one side it is washed by the sea, on the other side it is closed by a mountain range. There are many green areas for recreation, and a fascinating journey through all sorts of markets, shops, and shopping centers is waiting for shopaholics. It is like a free dating site where you can meet a very hot girl or man...Mataro remembers the times of the Roman Empire. It is no accident that throngs of tourists visit the ruins of the ancient Roman villa Torre Llauder, which has been preserved from the first century BC. You can even eye its mosaic drawings on the floor and wander along the fortress wall. There are also a fairly large port, noisy beaches with white sand and fine pebbles, and several interesting museums in Mataro.
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